Every family has a home. Every family member has a role. They say, “Home is where the heart is.” What makes FBC our home? It’s the heart we put into honoring God as we worship, offering Him a sacrifice as we serve, making disciples through small groups and evangelizing the lost through missions.

HONOR GOD through worship

This family desires to honor God. More important than anything is how we honor God through our worship. God’s Word calls us to worship Him in “spirit and in truth.” We are called to display the glory of God in our midst as His church and as His Body. We do this through worshiping Him both corporately and privately. We honor God in our private devotions and our gathering times, as well as through the lives we live each day. As Christians, everything we do is to be for the glory of God.

OFFER A SACRIFICE through service

This family desires to offer a sacrifice through serving God and others. We are called to serve the Lord with gladness in our hearts! We serve Him in many ways, including how we serve both our neighbors and our brothers and sisters in Christ. The Bible says we will be known by the fruit of our lives. For this reason, we are dedicated to serving and loving each other as best we can according to the love and grace of Jesus.

MAKE DISCIPLES through small groups

This family desires to make disciples. Discipleship goes further than praying and receiving Christ; it is following Him with our whole heart and lives. We seek to move beyond simply being introduced to Jesus in salvation. We desire to grow closer to Him through the spiritual disciplines of Bible study, prayer, serving, evangelism, learning, and giving. Jesus never gave us a prayer for salvation. What He did say was, “Come, follow me.”

EVANGELIZE THE LOST through missions

We live in a broken world with broken people. Many don’t know just how broken they are. We’ve been given the mission to be Christ’s ambassadors to this world. Our mission is to share His love with them and give them the opportunity to know Christ and His salvation. The call to go into the world is extended to all Christians. As a church family, we take this seriously and desire to share Jesus with the world around us.

How it all fits together: the meaning behind the logo…

The Pieces

There are four pieces in the surrounding foundation of the logo. These represent the four purposes of FBC. Worship, Service, Discipleship and Missions. These are summed up in our mission statement and the acrostic “HOME,” where we Honor God, Offer a Sacrifice, Make Disciples, and Evangelize the Lost.

The Circle

A circle is symbolic of a never-ending cycle. For FBC, it represents the continuous cycle every Christian is called to live out. It begins with our salvation and continues through personal discipleship, maturity, and reproduction. But it does not end there. This cycle continues over and over as we appreciate the gift of salvation, continue to learn more and draw closer, while we seek to find more and more who would hear the good news and accept it. All Christians have been called to see this spiritual life-cycle lived out in our lives.

The Center

HOME is at the center of it all. It is where we continue to learn about God’s grace and direction. It is where we come to find encouragement, love and healing. It is where we come to help others stay on the path of discipleship while we are being helped to do the very same thing. A Christian without a home is an orphan. God calls all Christians to gather with other believers for mutual encouragement and accountability.

The Open Door

The doors of this home are open to all who will come. We are excited to welcome new family members into the kingdom of God and the fellowship of believers at FBC Centerville. Joining the kingdom comes by faith in Jesus Christ alone. Joining the family of FBC comes by having a relationship with Jesus, agreeing with our teachings and core principals, and being baptized by immersion. The open doors not only symbolize our desire to welcome, but also our desire to get outside our walls and into the community to serve and show God’s love.